Does it take to paint a bedroom?
Does it take to paint a bedroom?

How long does it take to paint a bedroom? Are you planning to paint your bedroom or room? The first query which comes to mind is an estimation of time and money. This blog helps you find the answer to your all queries about painting any room and especially your bedroom. Painting is more or less than a complete project which needs proper know-how about each step. You will be directed about each step starting from the size of a room to finishing and cleaning of the room.

Room painting is the quickest way to alter the look of any room without much expense. As time is of the essence; no one is willing to waste time on extra exercise. Let’s move towards details directly related to room painting. Following steps needs to be focused on while calculating the time of painting a bedroom or room.

How long does it take to paint a bedroom?

Size of Bedroom

Estimation of time is directly proportional to the size of the bedroom. A normal 10 by 10 room takes one whole day to be painted. Increasing the volume of the room will increase the time of painting. But it also depends on the person who is going to paint it; a professional will consume less time than a normal or newbie.

Selection of painting method

There are different ways to paint; brushing, spraying, and rolling are three main methods. Spraying is the fastest method, but normally it is used to paint outside areas. Rolling and brushing are convenient for inside painting rooms.

Selection of painting tools

Then comes the selection of painting tools like different brushes and rollers for painting. More sharp and large tools will finish the work more easily and quickly.

Pre-cleaning time 

More time spends on cleaning the area; easier will be paint. It may take 2 hours to clean the surface. It includes the removal of old paints and wallpaper.

Preparation of Painting Area

While painting your bedroom; first you need to properly gather all things or furniture in the center and then cover it with the sheet. Covering of switchboard, windows, fan, and metallic edges is also necessary. This time will also be included and can be more or less depending on the number of items present in your room. Filling of cracks or minor works should also be done before painting.

Number of painting coats

If it is the first painting of the room, then more coats and more time will be consuming. But if you only want to refresh the paint of the room then it may finish within 3-4 hours. In case of changing the color two or three coats will take some more time. Setting the base or applying primer is necessary.

Drying time

Drying time of paints must also include in estimating the time for painting, usually, it takes 24-48 hours in proper drying of paints.

Post cleaning time estimation

When the painting is finished; then some time will consume for proper cleaning of the room which includes removal of painting stains, cleaning of the floor, setting of furniture and other bedroom-related items in the proper place.

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